Asset Based Lending

We provide lines of credit to businesses that use their tangible assets as collateral.

  • Transaction Sizes: $100,000 to $20,000,000
  • Type of Credit:  Revolving Line of Credit
  • Collateral: Account Receivables, Equipment, Machinery, Real Estate, Personal Assets.
  • Advance Formula: Advances up to 85% of eligible Accounts Receivable and up to 50%
    of eligible Inventory

An asset-based line of credit from Advanced Capital Funding can provide you with the working capital you need to make payroll, pay taxes, bid more work, purchase bulk, advertise, market your company, or increase your sales force.

To find out more information about the approval process, please review the Lending Requirements.

To apply for funding, please complete the Online Application.

Construction Factoring Benefits

Factoring vs. Bank Loans

You already know that getting a bank loan requires many steps, including credit checks, credit history and a strong financial record. And of course, there’s always the long wait before a decision is even made. Then, many businesses that do get their loans are restricted to get more money or credit when their business grows.

Construction factoring has more incentives than going the traditional bank loan route. The most important point is that factoring decisions are based on the business’ customers credit strength, instead of the credit strength or history of the business. Traditionally, banks analyze a businessperson’s tangible assets and credit history. Factoring creates more credit with new receivables, which in turn creates almost unlimited credit limits for a business.

Factoring for construction managers creates mutually beneficial results for the contractors supplying products or services along with entities ordering them. The vendor can take on new and bigger opportunities while the buyer expands its vendor diversity.

Working Capital

Contractors working with private developers or government agencies on the federal, state or even local level should take advantage of Advanced Capital Funding Financing Program. The program helps generate working capital for contractors and enables them to satisfy larger contracts.

Finance Management

The contractor factoring program helps steady your cash flow so you can complete projects more quickly and focus on business development. Contractors also benefit by gaining a financial management team to monitor both projects and accounts receivables. Instead of spending time and energy on managing finances, contractors can re-focus on business operations.

When you work with Advanced Capital Funding, your finance management team will include a account representative who manages your payroll, along with working directly with your subcontractors and suppliers. The account representative is also responsible for both outgoing and incoming payments. Loan defaults or liens will be avoided with your agent’s direction.

Proper financial management can quickly elevate businesses and help contractors get an advantage over their competitors. ACF understands cash flow shortages while you wait anywhere from one to three months for payment.

Ability to Discount Purchases

The Advanced Capital Funding contractor finance program allows you to get fast cash when you sell your receivables. Many of our clients use this cash to receive discounts on early supplier payment.

Surpass Company Goals

Small to mid-sized contractors, manufacturers and suppliers can grow quickly with construction factoring as funding decisions are based on customer’s credit worthiness. This gives your business the ability to add new customers on a continuous basis and means that your credit lines can be practically unlimited. In fact, most vendors can only take on new contracts by using factoring.

See Construction Factoring Details and Guidelines.

To apply for funding, please complete the Online Application.

Lending Requirements

Most companies that contact us are typically under time and budget constraints with uncertainty about the specific steps to overcome the hurdles of growth, payroll and/or monthly cash flow obligations. Therefore, ACF provide you with a FREE business consultation to help you with clarity and focus on meeting your financial goals. Another reason why we try to keep things simple by outlining factor questions, application procedures and lending requirements for your general information and use.

The next steps to take to apply for financing are listed below:

1. Complete the Online Application and submit the form via email/fax

2. Send us last year end and most recent interim financial statements

3. Provide us with the most recent month end’s accounts receivable and payable aging reports.

4. Include personal financial statements from the business owner(s)

Once ACF has expressed an interest in financing your operation, other information needed may include:

  • Articles of incorporation and by-laws
  • Bank contact, email, telephone number, fax number, account and routing number
  • Account debtor address list with contact information
  • Copies of invoices to be purchased with backup, customer purchase orders, and   equipment lists where applicable


Nationwide Broker Network

Advanced Capital Funding prides itself on sharing profits by the development of our nationwide broker network.  When you become a broker, ACF helps you improve your business relationships and bottom line.

If you refer a client to ACF, we pay commission for the life of the account.  All you have to do is give us a referral and you are credited with the account.  If we close the deal, you get the commissions.

Below is our broker agreement and link to join our affiliate program.  You can either contact us to enroll you into our affiliate network or click below and sign up direct. Once you become an affiliate, you are given exclusive links to build your business, which tag each referral to your account. You can then copy and paste your personal links to your website or email campaign, which directs your prospects to further instructions and allows them to fill out a short application.

For further details or to speak with one of our principals, please contact Chris MaGuire, Executive Vice President, Director of Business Development.

Broker Agreement